A new role and a new chapter  


Today, I started a new role as Senior Communications Advisor on the Storytelling team for Shared Services Canada, where I’ve worked for over three years. 

I love that I’m part of a storytelling team!


Yet, my love of stories and books started long ago. 


One of my earliest memories is of my mom reading to my sister and I before bed. 


Another early memory is of trips to the library and searching for the oldest and largest book I could find. Even before I could read, I loved to hold, flip through and smell (yes, smell) books. 


When my older sister would borrow books, I’d always take one too. I’d then sit on our balcony and pretend to read by making up stories.


It’s beautiful to see my daughter do the same today. 


When I learned to read, my world changed. 

Escape was possible at any time. This felt so freeing. 


Not surprisingly, I studied journalism. Reading is the entry drug to the love of writing, after all. 


In my professional life, I’ve almost always worked with words. Among others, I’ve been a media analyst, a teacher, a language quality manager, an interviewer and a writer. 


My thirst for discovery and freedom meant that I spent most of my career so far abroad. 


Every time I moved, I had to give away many of my books. Only a few have followed me faithfully. 


When you’re on the road, you value the freedom of little or no possessions. I reveled in that lifestyle. 


Recently, I’ve “settled down”... and my priorities have shifted. I’m finally taking my books out of their dusty boxes… and yes, I am smelling them too. 


So today, I start my new role in storytelling. I’ll be learning more in the weeks to come all the fun ways that I’ll be helping to tell the stories of our department. 


Coincidentally, it’s also today that I finished arranging all my books on my new (used) bookcase. This is my first bookcase in many many years. 


I’m excited by this new chapter, both professionally and personally. 


A few years ago, it’s the lightness of movement that got my heart pounding. 


Today, it’s the sight of that sturdy old wooden bookcase, filled with endless stories, that makes me feel free. 


The heart of this house definitely resides here.

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